Interactive Display

TRUTOUCH VN was designed to be an intuitive user experience that evokes inspiration. With more responsive touch technology, 4K UHD resolution, and its non-proprietary nature, TRUTOUCH VN lets you collaborate on content better – without limits.

Collaboration made easy.

TRUTOUCH VN Series’ more responsive touch technology brings you the most intuitive and smoothest writing experience imaginable. This multi-function display is the perfect solution for conference rooms or higher education classrooms looking for better collaboration and stronger communication.

Redefine clarity with an optically bonded 4k display.

Optical bonding technology on the TRUTOUCH VN Series significantly reduces on-screen reflections, glare, and parallax issues to deliver an impressive visual experience.

More accurate and responsive multi-touch.

With up to 20 points of touch, get a highly responsive, lag-free multi-touch experience on the VN series. It allows you to work and write at the same time without any limitations.

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